A sexy actress reveals a daring and hot secret


An actress revealed that she wants to try and experience everything, she is currently in a relationship with a model, and in turn, has expressed her longing and temptation to try other hot topics.
It is the controversial actress Kristen Stewart, who today links a discreet relationship with Stella Maxwell. The interpreter has shown that she is interested in both the male and female sex, and continues to leave a trail of audacity and curiosity to pass.In addition, one of the secrets that greatest stupor caused within its fanatics and the world of the show, was the confession about the romance and the separation with its exnovio Robert Pattinson, who was his companion of recording in the successful saga ‘Twilight’. On that occasion, in which both ended there was a scandal that invaded the cameras and the magazines, therefore, she was photographed being unfaithful to the British with the director of the film ‘Snow White and the legend of the hunter’, Rupert Sanders, so informed Cosmopolitan.

Stewart talked about this and said, “I’ve been deeply in love with all the people I’ve dated. Did anyone really think he was faking it? I have always embraced duality. I’ve always believed in her, really, and I’ve never felt confused or had trouble accepting my identity. The only thing that bothered me was that they made fun of me for that reason. ”
With these statements the actress accepts that she was in love with Pattinson; however, does not show any word of remorse or repentance, something that makes doubt such an argument.
The Hollywood star continues to shine and continues to talk about her libidinous tastes, proving once again that for her there is no taboo or something that is bad, simply pleasant and new.



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