Are the adverse reactions between Brad and Angelina following? Who will be right?


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who were together for 12 years – two of them in marriage – and in turn, conceived two creatures, Has provoked a stir of complacent statements between the two, who still show that the love between the two has not completely disappeared already almost a year after the couple – although not totally – separated.
In this case, Brad Pitt points out that he is angry with Angelina because he has left him as the ‘bad guy’ in his divorce.
The definitive separation has been extended for almost a year, and the process continues to be processed; however, the information offered by both actors is very basic and simple, since, they have agreed to keep silence to protect their families.
Angelina Jolie recently made a statement to Vanity Fair, which was picked up by Europa Press, in which she stated that “the children have been very brave … in these times when they needed to be.” But what was the bad thing he said about his ex-husband? Well that came later, because his words would be easily interpreted by anyone who has followed the divorce process and other statements of Jolie. “We are all healing from this situation …

They are not healing from divorce, they are healing from some things in life,” said Jolie, which for many was a reference to Brad Pitt’s alleged problems with control of Anger, a problem that was attributed by Angelina herself and her bad relationship with alcohol, confessed by himself.
Brad’s reaction did not wait; However, it has not done so directly, but through a source, which led to a forceful statement, which tried to explain in explicit words what Angelina meant by these insinuations. This source is about one of his closest friends, who in In Touch argued that Jolie’s words insinuated that “children are being healed of Brad and he is hurt”, so “he feels that he is staying as the bad guy and not Can bear it.”
According to that source, Brad thinks his ex-wife has used mechanisms and words to makehim responsible for family dissolution. Brad also says the actor “has recovered and has made a great deal of self-improvement over the past nine months. Brad knows he’s doing great with the kids and that’s all he cares about.”
Who will be to blame? We do not know, although for now, Jolie seemed to be “free from sin”, although, we do not know for sure what happened in reality.



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