Kendall Jenner anorexic?

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner anorexic?

Supermodel Kendall Jenner has been criticized in recent days by her followers, who have commented that her great star has worsened her appearance, as she appears increasingly thin, and some even say she is about to “stay in the bones” .
They have been branded anorexic because of their last photos, in which they have shown


different, because some even think that face is less attractive. But there was a photo unleashed the shower of comments, or more than rain, a gale of reflexive and direct opinions.



This publication was issued by the social network Instagram, in a photograph where you can see the abdomen and its notable oblique entries. The famed model wears a miniskirt olive green and a white top, which let you see at first glance part of her bust, her abdomen, in addition to her slender legs, which have been termed as “chicken patches.”
Among his followers we found one who commented as follows: “As a teacher of girls who follow you, I find this really sad. There are beautiful women trying to starve to follow trends like this to show off the ribs. Please put a better example. You have a responsibility that you are not showing here.” An expression with great rigor, tending more to the side of health than the one of beauty.


Another comment was much more direct, because he asked without any impediment “are you anorexic?”
Undoubtedly, Jenner has lowered his weight considerably, without showing any reason. We may think that you are currently living a disease, that you have neglected your health and food, or that you simply want to look much thinner, something that is not what suits you best.Despite this, the photo obtained more than two million likes and more than fifty thousand comments, which marked the tendency to criticize the ribs that stood out and could easily be seen in the image.
However, his physical changes still do not take a place among the models with more acclaim, popularity and beauty around the world.



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