Sofia Vergara shows her attributes as God brought them to the world. Find out !


The Colombian Sofía Vergara stripped naked before the cameras responsible for capturing attractive images in the magazine Women’s Health, demonstrating her excellent skills, which at 45 years of age maintains more youth than ever.
Despite saying that she did not visit the gym frequently and was not a lover of exercise, Colombian sports a spectacular figure, because although she does not exercise much her body, she takes great care of health in other areas, such as diet, skin and relaxation.
This was evidenced in one of his sentences, in which he said the following: “I do not know if I am strong. I have bad knees and very thin bones. I can barely flex”. However, it also ensures that when doing exercises, it promotes cardiovascular work, strength, balance and flexibility, something that Ronda magazine reported.
With these photographs, the idea that, regardless of age, if we constantly care for our body and lead a healthy lifestyle, we can have a splendid and desirable image in the four decades, exemplified by Jennifer Lopez daily.
“Here you have a 45-year-old woman who has no qualms about teaching her body. Fortunately, things are changing and it’s not just the young girls who star in magazine covers,” Vergara said of her appearance in the magazine which talks about health for women.
The photos of Sofia are totally naked, in which she poses spontaneously and smiling, covering her intimate parts with her hands and arms.
In addition, Sofia expressed what is meant by beauty, stating the following: “At least for me, beauty is not synonymous with muscles or abdominal harder than a rock. I do not need to look like a model that needs a body Perfect for his work, besides I think it would involve too much effort and I’m not for the job “.
In the same magazine, adding a little humor, the Colombian raises that she would like to be much more athletic, but that her large breasts do not let her do many things. “I have them like this from the age of thirteen,” confessed the Latin American actress, adding that she has nothing of force and cannot with a single flex basically.



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